The Tualatin Watershed Enhancement Collaborative (TWEC) links land, water and people. We bring together all interests in the basin to promote and improve watershed health. We work together through cooperation, collaboration and communication. All of our actions affect the health of our watershed. We need your help in improving our watershed’s health!

TWEC is a continuation of the work that started with the Oregon Solutions Cedar Mill Creek Flood Remediation Collaborative effort. That effort culminated a three-year work program that created the TWEC governance, as well as its focus on flooding resiliency, environmental improvement and financial security within the Tualatin Watershed.


Cedar Mill-North Johnson Watershed


TWEC’s first project is the Cedar Mill/North John Creek Basin, the basin that was the impetus for the organization’s development. The project included a robust public engagement process. People living in the basin submitted photos of flooding and shared experiences with eroding creek banks, falling trees and flood insurance. This information was used to develop potential strategies to mitigate the flooding and preserve the integrity of the watershed.


TWEC members

  • Washington County

  • Clean Water Services

  • City of Beaverton

  • City of Portland

  • Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District

  • Tualatin Soil & Water Conservation District

  • The Wetlands Conservancy

  • Tualatin River Watershed Council

  • Willamette Partnership

TWEC goals

  • Create an approach that minimizes or mitigates flooding impacts while considering economic development, habitat value and quality-of-life concerns.

  • Develop a plan that could be phased.

  • Identify funding sources.

  • Consider how to address multiple agencies’ regulations to create the greatest possible good for the public and for the ecosystem (i.e., a basin-wide assessment approach).