The initial Oregon Solutions Project Team included various organizations with shared responsibilities and interests in flooding issues within the Cedar Mill Creek/North Johnson Creek Basin. City, County, Metro, State, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses and community representatives met over 16 months to first understand the increased watershed impacts over the decades and begin formulating ways they could form a large, watershed-scale approach to resolve and remediate these flooding issues. These conversations resulted in a document called a Declaration of Cooperation.

All participating agency and organizational partners, along with members of the community, will monitor the outcomes of the resulting Declaration of Cooperation and many of them continue the work as members of the Tualatin Watershed Enhancement Collaborative (TWEC). The Three-Year Workplan is the first actionable effort coming from the initial Project Team’s Declaration.


Project Team meetings and documents


Project Team Meeting — Jan. 8, 2018

Project Team Meeting — Feb. 5, 2018

Project Team Meeting — April 3, 2018