The community engagement team used a variety of outreach and participation approaches throughout the duration of this effort. Approximately 200 community members received ongoing updates, staff made 18 presentations to community groups, and more than 1,800 people accessed the project’s online open house.


more than 1,800 people accessed the project’s online open house


Direct Outreach

  • Distributed door hangers

  • Placed information signs in parks

  • Presented to homeowners associations (HOAs) and Community Participation Organizations (CPOs)

  • Staffed outreach table at THPRD event

  • Hosted watershed-wide walking tour

  • Staffed community open house

  • Held project team meetings open to the community


  • Provided news and updates to HOA and CPO newsletters

  • Provided information and project updates to Cedar Mill News

  • Posted news and updates on project team organization newsletters

  • Created and distributed media releases


  • Created project website

  • Developed an interested parties email list

  • Collected feedback using surveys and online open house

  • Shared information through project team and community member social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor)